School for Aliens

Children’s Early Chapter Book fiction
Reading level: 6-9
48 pages
6000 words
Includes illustrations

Ten year old Max discovers that there is a secret school for aliens in his town. The only person who believes him is his grandmother, Amelia Matilda Moon.

The story gets off to an exciting start when the aliens arrive at the abandoned old school at midnight in their silver spacecraft. A short time later they see Max, cycling across the playground, and end up becoming friends with him and his gran.

School for Aliens features three main alien characters, Gruber, Zzipa and Spich (who’ve accidentally chosen their new Earthling names from a tasty takeaway menu. Burger, Pizza and Chips have rearranged the letters of their names so they don’t seem like complete dimwits). These three main alien characters are learning all about the quirky and crazy ways of humans.

Other characters include two alien teachers, Henry Vermillion and Bob Magenta, and an alien cat called Tiddles.

Max and the aliens agree to keep their friendship a secret which results in plenty of mischief, mayhem and adventure throughout the book.

School for Aliens is a humorous and exciting book about an abandoned old school that’s secretly being used by aliens. It’s written as an Early Chapter book for children.

6000 words and illustrations.

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